Mongol Roads, Take Me Home...

Mongolia isn't known for the quality of its tarmac. 

As the teams reach Mongolia, there's a tendency to think the worst is over.

These thoughts are short-lived.

The route out of town was about 120km of good tarmac which ended so suddenly, on the ridge of a hill that the anchors had to be forcibly slammed on to avoid a heavy landing. One car had not been so lucky. Sat in the field all smashed up it seemed to have launched off the end of the tarmac and rolled, probably on a nighttime country-crossing. In Mongolia there aren’t many road signs but they do like to fore-warn of slight bends in the road.
— Niklas Jai L, Baatar The Future
It’s the craziest shit I’ve done with a car. Southern route is amazing but really, really tough, specially for our little Peugeot.
— Jorge Alvarez, Four Co. Jones
Roads ok to ludicrous
— Rodger Williams, The League of Extraordinary Kriegspielers
As we drive we just see SUVs parked up on the side, changing their wheels and tyres....

Ulaanbaatar is only good once you consume loads of vodka.
— Maz Nusl, Doinit

Meanwhile, the two guys with their X are finding more novel ways to fix automobiles.

  "Exhaust cracked/broke in Siberia. Trying some silly putty."

"Exhaust cracked/broke in Siberia. Trying some silly putty."