Game Over?

Not everyone finishes the Rally. At least, not with their cars.

No DIrection's Micra Engine

We understand that sometimes the car just won't keep going. So we doff our adventuring caps to those who remain resilient, and push on to the finish regardless.

Team No Direction have had a spot of bother with disintegrating pistons, and their Micra is now saying no. They're now stuck in Uzbekistan trying to figure out how to carry on. 

The Diabeetle has also thrown in the towel, leaving one of the Wills trying to find a team to adopt him in Almaty. Some say that Beetles are just unreliable. We're left wondering if it actually just gave up, sick of watching bad lip-syncing and low-budget video remakes.

Only Wusses Quit

The increasingly aptly-named Just Might Make It are in Semey, after a few days of fun in their dodgy Kangoo. They were initially told that they'd only make it 5km, before the engine fell apart. That was about 2000km ago.

They narrowly avoided accidentally swapping their jerry can for a smoked fish. Still, it wouldn't be as bad as the Kangoo's gearbox - apparently it'll only go into first if the engine is turned off, and "reversing requires pixie dust".

We're glad they logged on to let us know

One of the Khaangaroos' cars seems to be getting in touch with nature. The Aussie chaps managed to snap the mighty Corsa's suspension like a twig, so after tracking down the root of the problem,  some 'bush mechanics' were required. 

Safe to say the handling is now a bit wooden, but at least it wasn't leaf suspension. Maybe car manufacturers will start branching out into this new technology.

I'll stop now.

Where's the Ferrari?

The good news is that his cylinder head is fixed. The bad news is that part of his other cylinder head is broken. Still.

He's probably in the midst of an internal battle - wait for a repair, buy a replacement Lada, or buy a tow truck...?