Transcontinental Race 2014 Has a Winner

With true flair, Kristof Allegeart has won the 2014 Transcontinental Race.

 Kristof Allegeart wins again

Kristof Allegeart wins again

In a tremendous 7 days and 23 hours, the Belgian powerhouse has added a second title to his Transcontinental career, many hours ahead of the battle for second place.

What makes the victory even more astonishing is that he had to go back 45km and re-climb a mountain, because he was a bit naughty and took a ferry. In fairness, he thought it was allowed (some ferries are fine), but he didn't know about his mistake until after he had climbed 25 switchbacks.

This mistake at checkpoint three cost him about five hours, but even by checkpoint two, he had a 12-hour advantage on the field. 

As I write, it's a tense battle for second place, as Brits Josh Ibbett and Richard Dunnett bear down on Istanbul. Dunnett is a veteran, and is slightly ahead, but only just. Perhaps his experience will help him nab the second step, or maybe beginner's luck will carry Ibbett through.

They're going to finish in about an hour, so keep watching that map.

Meanwhile, our chum Nick Dodd is, well, not at the front. He's going through the Croatia/Montenegro border about now, adding to his days and days of Mediterranean riding.

Must be horrible for him.

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