The End is Nigh

The Rickshaw Run teams are chugging ever closer to the finish line. They've been having fun.

The Archituks seem to be particularly enjoying themselves, in the Kama Sutra section of a museum. 

"...the guide had learned all the English words to us so as to explain exactly what was going on!
"This one, oral sex. This one, polygamy. At this time, there was no medicine, so in this one, man has dog licking balls to cure disease."
“Ha, do you think it worked!?”
“Yes, man is healed.”

They're also making waves with their flags - apparently Indians have mixed opinions about flying their flag from a tuk-tuk just before independence day. While some just want a picture, others will apparently force you of the road in indignation, and take your adornment from you.

It's also good to make friends, a good choice being a guy who "looks the spit of the guy who isn’t Keanu Reeves in ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures’"

Sounds like a splendid effort, keep it up, chaps.

Lost Properly are discovering the wealth gap between North and South India - apparently the streets are now paved with McDonalds, and coffee shops are everywhere. Or something like that.

They're now in Mysore, an appropriate rest stop for some Runners in particular - I'm thinking of the ones that crash before they've even started...

Meanwhile Team Bangalorious are just happy to see good steaks.

It’s like the south of France here, complete with mind blasting steaks for £4.50
— Team Bangalorious

Simple minds, simple pleasures, eh?

If you've got the balls, you should probably sign up for the Rickshaw Run in 2015. Now seems like a pretty good time.