Rickshaw Run - On the Road Updates

Here at The Adventurists we don’t want sunsets and ‘finding oneself’ we want danger and adventure, the clue is in our name. Our adventures are all hard-core and pose great risk to individuals health, however that's the way we like to live. The Rickshaw Run is no exception.

The teams are mostly half way from Shillong to Kochin. For the new August Run we've given them a few more days to come up with even more ridiculous routes across India - or to be stuck in a dirty cheap hotel shitting through the eye of a needle.

Team Rhumb Line emphasise our ethos by driving along proper roads;

Sections of the road had been washed out due to slides so detours had to be taken. I cannot stress enough how wholly unequipped our machines were for this.
— Rhumb Line

This Rickshaw Run game is pretty realistic (team Archituks)

The roads for the August 2014 Rickshaw Run have proved difficult this year as team merder.international put it; “Potholes, potholes, potholes. #potholes” Yes the roads are that bad that they apparently justify a hashtag.

There have also been a good number of floods, probably not surprising as it's monsoon season. Going through floods in a glorified lawn mower has been tricky for the teams but has provided us with some great entertainment.

We rallied through indian countryside at night jumping into feet deep pot-holes
— Howler Monkeys

Because Rickshaws aren't designed for long journeys on tough terrain we expect many breakdowns and for the little tuks to slowly fall apart before they reach the end. Team Bangalorious have “been losing gears by the hour, only 4th left” and The Archituks “battery exploded on the road today, assumed it was a gun shot and carried on driving”. A couple of teams sounded genuinely surprised that the crappy little Rickshaws were struggling with the terrain.

7 days
28 breakdowns
2 blown head gaskets
5 carberator rebuilds
1 flat tyre
2 days of leaking fuel
7 exhaust tightenings

Anyone else feel like this whole thing is just The Adventurists fucking with us?
— HMAS Full Disclosure

The answer is of course 'yes', but they'll thank us for it in the end.

Waimairi Lads demonstrating how you can get an extra hitch-hiker onboard

The unstoppable force of an elephant meets the crushable object of team Waimairi Lads

It's not just bad roads and bad vehicles which make the Rickshaw Run glorious, there is also the traffic to contend with. There are 140 million vehicles in India and at times it feels they're all on the same road as you, trying to stop you getting to your destination. Rhumb Line gives us their advice on travelling through jam packed cities on the wrong side of the road.

The horn in these conditions is your friend. It is your armor, it gives your tuktuk with small-man-syndrome the courage of a drunk anabolic frat boy at a sorority party
— Rhumb Line

Although it's not just the cars lorries and motorcycles, there are also 45 million cows and 30,000 elephants to contend with, as the Archituks found in the photo below.

Heavy traffic

If you've got the balls, you should probably sign up for the Rickshaw Run in 2015. Now seems like a pretty good time.