No Horsepower Allowed

The leopard-impersonating chaps of team 'Wrong Direction' won this year's washing machine.

For having an entirely suitable vehicle, they won a gloriously golden washing machine. Their Transit van has ample sleeping space, a big reliable engine, and more than enough room for transporting white goods. Or gold goods.

Their mission, which they had no choice but to accept, was to safely bring the washing machine all the way to Mongolia in one piece, preferably still working. God knows, Mr. Nye needs somewhere to wash his socks after all this time.

We should reiterate that absolutely NO WIENER-WAGONS will be let onto next year's Rally. A few slipped through the net this year, but we will be much more strict next year. 

One litre is your lot, unless you're particularly stupid.

Anyway, it seems like Wrong Direction have done it, although that doesn't look like one piece. No sock-washing will occur after all.