Where's the Ferrari?

If you don’t know who Marcus is by now you have clearly been living in a hole for the last month.

He’s the guy driving the red horse to Mongolia. But he hasn’t been driving anywhere for the last two weeks because as suspected he has 'a few car troubles'.

Marcus hasn’t got very far and is stuck in the depths of Georgia. After Mt Blanc he quickly took the tunnel into Italy and then made his way across Hungary and to Sibiu.

He of course went along the Transfagarasan Highway, a must for any ralliers on their adventure. If you don’t do the highway, you haven’t really completed the Mongol Rally. It’s almost a ritual, a requirement by all teams you could say.

At the end of the highway though he ran out of fuel, and got a lift to the nearest petrol station from a passing rallier (he probably overtook them on the way down the highway, irony works wonders sometimes)

After stoping off at the Vama Veche beach party, he made his way through the countries to head to Baku - but this is where the story gets interesting. The Georgian roads had no mercy on the beast and really tested the cars practically - and won.

It still looks like this.

“Stones and dust bust the timing belt, which meant the valves and the pistons collided, which is never good. Needs a cylinder-head refurb, where they recut the valves and valve seals, and replace some of the broken brackets that hold the cam-shaft in place.”


“It's been two weeks now since the breakdown (31st) and they eventually took the head to the workshop on the 4th, who said 7-10 days… in theory we should be sticking it back on the car and getting underway today or tomorrow, [but] the spare parts [are] taking an unexpected break in Moscow. I hope they're enjoying the sights!”

“I spent the first few days thinking it would be a quick fix…moved to some town where I got the estimate from the workshop, and spent some time sightseeing there…came back to the original garage yesterday in anticipation on jumping back into a working car, just to get a new eta of no idea, maybe a week…now bored out of my mind!”

Asked if he has any regrets of taking the Ferrari he replied with

“Well, mostly regretting not buying a backup car and pressing on two weeks ago. Bloody garage telling me "no problem, we can fix" and missing out the key phrase "but it'll take forever"."

His parting words were “If anyone knows how to swear in Georgian, that might help!”

Nabozvaro, Marcus, nab-oz-varo.