Prometheus Medics Race Diary - Day 8

Our day started with welfare checks for some of the riders who we had dealt with the night before. All were in good spirits after a well deserved rest overnight.

As we were preparing coffee over a stove, we were summoned over to the horse line and could see a rider on the floor. We ran over and as we approached we could see that he was sitting up and holding the left side of his face.

He said that a horse had clashed heads with him and knocked him to the floor. He wasn’t sure if he’d lost consciousness. We checked his neck for pain and set about assessing is neurological status.

After that, I checked his facial bones and jaw to ensure he didn’t have a suspected fracture. Once we were satisfied he was OK, we walked him over to our vehicle and gave him pain killers and chocolate; that ancient cure for everything.

He started to develop a headache so we advised he didn’t ride the next leg of the race and see how he felt after being moved forward to the next horse station.

We have been moved through a few horse stations and have been kept busy with the local herders wanting their blood pressures checked. At one point, Sarah had the whole province queuing up for a check!

All in all, we’ve had a good day, with no serious injuries.