Dastardly and Muttley Get Married

We've had proposals before. We've had honeymooners too. Though to the best of our knowledge nobody has actually ever tied the knot whilst on the Mongol Rally. Until now.

Meet Greg Pearson and Leanne Rhoden, or team 'Dick Dastardly and Muttley', or the new bride and groom if you will.

Being a hopeless romantic Greg dropped to his knee the moment they crossed the border into Mongolia. Arriving at the finish line in ecstatic moods, the pair of star-crossed lovers had a mere two days to organise the entire wedding, and by jove what a wedding it was.

Before that though there was of course the stag and hen parties to have - with the ladies going for a few high-class cocktails in the fanciest bar in town, whilst the men dined on cheap local vodka. Greg not being much of a drinking man was quickly shown the ropes, and then later lost them. Upon getting carried back to his room around 1am he apparently said "I'm home - the Americans saved me" and then proceeded to decorate the bathroom floor with his stomach contents.

The big day came bright and early. Impromptu outfits were bought and worn accordingly by all the wedding party. Some better than others - though the guys from 'Wrong Direction' and 'Brothers of Ford' certainly looked...something. Leanne looked divine in her traditional deel, and Greg looked ready to conquer the world in his, well, almost. With a swift G&T to calm the nerves we set off. Taxis were jumped into, and cushions were borrowed from the hotel to hold the rings.

Out to the glory of the Mongolian steppe, where a traditional ceremony was held inside an epic ger. Buckets of horse's milk were drunk, some amazing traditional throat singing happened, a sacramental fire was lit, tons of food was consumed, and vows were made. Generally spirits were high. It was a day that none of us would ever forget.

We then poured back to the finish line hotel for cake, beers and cheesy dancing to even cheesier music until late into the night. Vodka may have also made an appearance. Well, it's Mongolia after all.

Greg and Leanne - our headwear is doffed in your honour. Congratulations.