Robert Skinner, Chris Maude and Jamie Peel - Joint Second

(L to R) Robert, Chris and Jamie near the finish line.

We spoke to Chris and Jamie using our fancy satellite phones from AST Systems. They sounded tired, to say the least.

So how does it feel to come second in the Derby?

Chris Maude (CM): We're shattered, but we're delighted to have finished second, I must admit. It was quite some experience - I don't think any of us realised quite how hard it was going to be.

Jamie Peel (JP): It's been a bad day today, had a shocker, so to be honest with you getting over the line is just a massive relief. At the moment we just absolutely exhausted, but I think when we wake up tomorrow we'll be in a better frame of mind about it all. 

It's been an amazing challenge, but one that we've all really got stuck into.

What was the best part?

CM: Singing happy birthday to my daughter in the middle of nowhere with a couple of mates. Also we went over the mountains and we were up against pressure, but the Mongolians told us a route and we were so high, seeing wolves and the landscape. Fabulous.

Jamie you had a fall today, is that right?

JP: Yeah I had a fall, I was cantering along a track, and the horse tripped, came down and rolled on top of me, so I had my legs trapped underneath it. The horse couldn't get up for a minute or two, but luckily [Chris] Maudey and Rob were there, and they were able to catch the horse so it didn't run off.

I was very lucky [I wasn't hurt].

Did you have a strategy between you at all?

CM: Our strategy between the three of us was above all else, for the first three days, to just stay together, and help each other along. That actually proved very effective, because if one was getting behind, or getting low, we managed to be able to chivvy each other along, and basically keep banging the kilometres out.

We were fairly relentless about the whole thing, and never relaxed, and that's what got us in a good position.

Also, Jamie and I had a treat packed in our bags - Gin and tonic. That kept us going

Have you enjoyed yourselves? Are you glad you came out?

JP: Definitely. 100% I'm glad we did it We didn't have the faintest idea about what we were getting ourselves into, but there's no regrets. Although we should possibly have researched it a bit better, or we should actually have done some research to start off with.