Global Stupidity Overdrive

When we say Adventuring stupidity on a global scale, we really mean it. For the first time The Adventurists have three different adventures running at the same time around the world - something we think is more impressive than a dog that barks the national anthem.

1000 Adventurists from over 40 nationalities are riding cars, bikes, semi wild horses or glorified tuk tuks in 15 countries, fulfilling The Adventurists motto: 'fighting to make the world less boring'

The 11th edition of the annual Mongol Rally launched from Battersea park in London on the 20th July. The ralliers are currently making their way through Asia to the final destination, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. That's if their classic and/or one litre engines make it the 10,000ish miles, and let's be honest - some of them wont.

You may have heard us quietly whispering about our other Mongolian adventure, the Mongol Derby. 48 riders are currently cantering, galloping and being bucked off their semi wild horses in the steppe. They are riding  1000km which makes it the longest horse race in the world, with a Guinness World Record set in 2010 to prove it.

The 8th year of the Rickshaw Run has launched in Shillong, India, and this year we have 60 teams out there. They're travelling 3,500 km through India in a seven horsepower glorified lawnmower - the best way to travel in our opinion. There is no set route, no backup, and no support whatsoever. These brave adventuring fools really are on their own.

So now that we have accomplished having three adventures at the same time, its time we stepped up the game. We’re thinking it’s time to get the moon project underway...

You can follow the adventures over on the tracking map here. Better still if you've got a large adventure shaped hole in August 2015, you can sign up for the Rickshaw Run here, you can apply for the 2015 Derby here and you can get sign up alerts for the Rally here.