Mongol Rally Day 6 - New Engine, New Car and New Friends

It's only day 6, but the mayhem continues in what's meant to be the boring half of the Rally...

First up, it's Micra Management. It wasn't their finest hour when they decided to drive their car across the Alps, with no oil in it. Inevitably, this lead to catastrophic engine failure.

Eventually they found a friendly family of Austrian rally mechanics, who replaced their engine for them.  They say it's because the oil warning light was faulty.

We'll let you decide if you believe that. Either way, they're now on their way to Istanbul for the night. 

DiaBeetle have also fallen victim to mechanical failure. It's not their fault though, their type 1 DiaBeetle is apparently just crap under the bonnet.

Will and Will are aussie troopers though, and they're currently browsing the car yards of Germany looking fro a replacement. With any luck, they might even find another street artist to aesthetically spill paint on it.


Mr Caves Geography Field Trip are in Serbia after having their fair share of fun over the past two days.

It all started in Vienna, when a friendly Austrian policeman pulled them over at a checkpoint, and demanded they remove their roof rack. In fairness to the nice man, it's a home made job, and in his words, "in Austria, this is not ok". 

However, instead of parking up half a mile down the road like good boys, these delinquents just made a dash for the Slovakian border. That's a good 40km distance, so we're surprised nobody else took offence at their bulging rack.

They're like making friends with policemen though - they were given a stern word by the "cro-po-po" after using their roof speakers to start a spontaneous street party. It seems the authorities didn't like them encouraging 40 locals to drink on the street, while parked on a pavement playing unlicensed music. 

The only Croatian I know is "Jebo ti pas mater" which means something like "May a dog fuck your mother". (Scott McCabe, MCGFT)

Fortunately, he was clever enough not to chance that phrase, and they wormed their way out of the charge with kind words, and hiding the car.


In other news...

No Country for Old Men have snapped their car key in the ignition barrel in Hungary. Pretty sure that's not a clever move.

Disco Pirates, Baatarsky & Hutch and Polo Toure have had a rather less interesting run-in with the law: they all got clamped in Budapest, after forgetting to pay. They tried to convince us that a police chase, shotguns and a helicopter were involved, but fortunately we had our bullshit goggles on.

With his new nickname and worldwide fanbase, Nutsack Dave flew out to Budapest to meet his team. Instead, he met the Kawazaki British Superbikes team and their rider, James Ellison. 

Vama Veche Sandiness

Apparently, "the Strippers in Sibiu were so bad, a few of the rally teams ended up on the poles." (Ian Hardle). 

Don't think that's a Romanian tradition though - it's the Vama Veche beach party tonight. We know a fair few teams will be there, and it's certainly not one to miss. Hours of frivolous merriment on the beach perfectly suits the true English gentleman or gentleladyman.

To clarify: it'll be fucking awesome.


Where's the Ferrari?

As it turns out, Marcus' beast seems finally to be able to run free. He, and many other teams, are having jolly good fun on the transfagarasan highway, widely regarded as the best road in the world.

We can't really blame them for enjoying themselves here - instead they'll soon be on what are widely regarded as the worst roads in the world. If you can even call them roads, that is.