Mongol Rally Day 4: Beer baths, an arrest & a rally-ending collision

Day 4 of the Mongol Rally: an arrest, a crash and a pierced scrotum

Between breakdowns, crashes, unfortunate accidents and arrests, our brave rallyists are sallying forth as only Adventurists can do. They're not without misfortune though...

Some shit news to begin with: the 1954 Morris Minor driven by brother and sister Andrew and Rachel Lovett has had a pretty bad accident.  It turns out that being rammed from behind by a dickhead Mercedes driver in Belgium isn't great for the bodywork.

Everyone is OK and no one was severely injured despite being bashed up pretty good. We’re pretty miffed, but on the bright side it looks like the brand new Merc has more damage. Thats what happens when a new, sensible car takes on a 1954 Mongol Rally beast.

On the breakdown front there have already been a bunch of updates following the classic format of “we're broken down in [insert country, town, field, river].”

Team Lock, Stock and Three Smoking Hondas began their rally by breaking down on a hard shoulder somewhere. They eventually got running again, after what sounds like a complete rebuild of the offending motorbike engine.

Meanwhile Team South Afristans are back in Germany looking for a rear differential for Stan the Van. Apparently it's not easy to do.

Team Marco Polover had an engine mount bolt run away across a roundabout in Germany. They took it to a mechanic who did the repair for free and donated 50 Euros to their cause.

Arrested by the Polizei

Team RC19 have also just hit a spot of bother. Getting arrested and locked in a room for no obvious reason is something normally reserved for some of the countries further east. These guys managed it in Germany. 

Alberto explains: "We were crossing the Czech border from Germany to reach Klenova and a Polizei BMW stopped us and took us to the police station. They locked us in a room and we didn't know why.

"After one hour they said to us that our RENAULT 4 is [wanted] by the INTERPOL because it was stolen. We started calling the embassy, the Italian police, the ministry of the interior affairs.

"After several hours we discovered that our car was stolen [in Italy and found again in France]. The Italian police closed the case BUT they didn't said to the Interpol that the car was refounded. so our RENAULT 4 WAS WANTED all over the world but not in Italy! They finally talked to Italian Interpol and they released us after 4 hours!!"

Mind that bollock

Team Baatar & Twisted gave us a great update saying “team mate in hospital, black box dropping off exhaust, lost ferry booking.”

For those that don't know, one of their number had an argument with a metal fence at the launch. And lost. In the words of his teammate, he ended up "in hospital with a punctured scrotum and needed a transfusion of two litres of blood." In his own words, "[it] was probably up there with one of the more amusing ways to start the rally."

Speaking of rally life, we would expect our teams to try the food of the country they’re in. It’s called experiencing the culture and all that wanderlust shit. However, we've discovered that most of them are actually just eating McDonalds as they roll across the smooth bitumen of Western Europe.

Yep, they’re all dropping the M bomb. We’re not really sure what to think of this, although it’s probably something to do with the free WiFi…

On the other hand, Team Doinit have discovered something we now insist becomes a Mongol Rally tradition: a beer bath. How have we not thought of this before? They’re drinking beer in Czech whilst bathing in it. Genius and quite frankly a little bit cool. Hats off to those chaps.

 Photo nicked from Jon Cope

Photo nicked from Jon Cope

Where's the Ferrari?

We haven’t mentioned one guy you’re all wondering about. Who? Why it’s Marcus Deglos of course, a.k.a. “the Ferrari guy.” We just got off the phone from him and where is he? Half way up Mont Blanc. Obviously.

The Ferrari is doing fine, no funny noises and no rattles or bangings to report of as yet, which is a little disappointing. However, he’s a bit scared of being caught speeding on the péage, so he hasn’t been putting his pedal to the metal. Shame really.

In the words of Marco Polover: rally on.