Mongol Rally Launch 2014 - Chaos Managed

Some teams have been planning this moment for many years, for others the Rally dream is already nearly over.

Each 2014 rallier was as happy as a puppy humping a pensioners leg.  By the time the first team rolled across the start line the atmosphere couldn't be more charged if there was an electrical storm.

With some teams already jettisoning unneeded kit, still others were using the time to make some last minute repairs. Team Lostin Allegro were debating whether to fix their exhaust which fell off on their way to the launch. They managed to use their rally wristbands to fix their perished exhaust rubbers.

I was rather pleased to see the rally back to it’s former shitty car glory. Nothing I like more than watching the teams faces as they stutter over the start ramp and lose an exhaust pipe before they even start
— Mr Tom, Adventurist Chief of Chiefs

The Argonaughts Return fared only slightly better, managing to cross the start line before breaking down. They weren't the only teams not to leave the site unscathed with team 138 one of the three teams losing their exhaust on the start ramp.

All these chaps at least managed to get their cars to the launch with team OMG! failing to breath life into their classic MG forcing them to buy a new car on Friday.

A number of Rally veterans were in attendance most making no effort to hide their jealousy. Chris from 2013 team Villiage Idiots was the first to crack begging a passing team to take him with them.


For the first time we experimented with democracy for the prize-giving, with the four categories being put to public vote. The winner of Least Likely to Make It was unsurprisingly Marcus from Navigational Error in his Ferrari. To his credit Marcus seemed totally unfazed by everyone telling him he had no chance.

The popular consensus is that he won't make it further than Romania. Best Pimp Job went to Shedford Rascals who (as you can probably guess) nailed a shed to the back of their Bedford Rascal.

Spirit of the Rally went to Argonaughts Return, who complimented their Mini Scamp with tweed boiler suits & flying caps.

As a contrast to Spirit of the Rally we like to present one team with The Fairies award for the most wussy vehicle. As a punishment for making life too easy we do what we can to hinder them. The 2014 prize being a washing machine sprayed gold. The award went to Wrong Direction who turned up in a Ford Transit. The team seemed to justify the decision when it transpired they'd buggered off to a hotel for the night. We decided it would be wrong to leave them without their prize so left it on their roof. When they returned in the morning they seemed grateful for the prize.

With so much chaos achieved on the weekend of the launch, we can confirm it was a resounding success. The return of the crap old cars has injected even more uncertainty into the Rally, with a real likelihood a few teams won't even make it to Czechout.

You can track the live updates on our shiny new tracking map here. For your chance to get on the 2015 starting grid with a hefty discount you can sign up to alerts here.