How to follow the 2014 Mongol Rally

The Mongol Rally launches this weekend (19th & 20th July) from Battersea Park in London. You don't need to miss any of the action with the following ways to follow the carnage:

Mongol Rally Twerps

The Mongol Rally Facebook

We've just cut the ribbon on our shiny new Adventurist blogging and tracking map, you can see all the team updates, photos and videos as soon as they're posted. You can also follow the juiciest updates, news and stats on the Adventurist blog, The Jibber.

The Adventurists Tracker

The Mongol Rally Blog

The Mongol Rally Launch schedule is right here.

To find out about the 2015 Rally  as well as get the chance for super early bird discounted entry you can get sign up alerts here.