Good luck, try not to fuck it up - a message from Cool Earth

With just days to go until you fools are let loose on the world, we thought it would be downright rude not to bid you all adieu.

The most important advice we can give you is keep those cameras running. The more video evidence of your tomfoolery the better. We love nothing more than chuckling at clips of your compatriots being pulled across the Romanian border on a stolen pedalo. 

Also don’t forget to keep us posted on all your fundraising challenges; we want to know exactly how that goats head tasted and what little shreds of dignity you have left after your inaugural bout of Mongolian wrestling. 

So keep up all your sterling fundraising efforts and I’ll see you all at the launch. 

I’ll be the one engulfed by the smell of thousands of coconut scented air fresheners. You couldn’t miss me blind.

I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom from Team Baatar Late Than Never: 

“In the middle of the Gobi desert armed with just a lighter and an ABBA CD, wearing nothing but a half torn zebra onesie. The car a flaming wreck a few miles back, you collapse in an exhausted heap, but this is the Mongol Rally, this is the adventure...”