Mongol Rally 2014 Launch Schedule

We thought long and hard before deciding to write this article, because it contains advice.

Yes, that’s right, we’ve decided to actually help you a bit.

Don’t get used to it though, it’s mainly so that we have less work to do on the day, because we’re lazy sods. So here we present: the Mongol Rally 2014 Launch Schedule.

The Useful Shit

We know you’re all bouncing off the walls with excitement, but doors won't open until 2pm (teams can arrive from 12). Until then, mill around in London, cause chaos, tickle a Beefeater - it’s up to you. Just don’t pester us while we’re still half asleep.

The entrance to Battersea Park is Carriage Drive North, off of Queenstown Road. Again, don’t get used to being given directions. If you’re a team, you’ll be directed inside our irregular quadrilateral of loveliness.

If not, you have two choices. Early birds will probably find a space in the Battersea Park car park, also on Carriage Drive North. Late people may have to go a bit further, to the aptly named ‘World’s End Estate’. It’s just off Cremorne Road, by lots of big brown buildings. You can then use your little legs (how quaint) to walk across the bridge to the park.

From there, the world is your Oyster Card. Entertainment is in the Dome, with film screenings, music, and our very own Buddy turning up now and again. Have fun.

A full map can be found here.

 Cheekily stolen from Google Maps

Cheekily stolen from Google Maps


  • 12.00 - Teams arrive
  • 14.00 - Public arrive
  • 15.00 - Dome fun kicks off
  • 19.30 - Driver indoctrination and awards ceremony


  • 07.00 - Public arrive
  • 07.30 - Khaanival procession begins
  • 07.31 - Somebody will break down
  • 10.00 - Khannival probably finished 

To find out about the 2015 Rally  as well as get the chance for super early bird discounted entry you can get sign up alerts here.