Rose Sandler

32-year old Rose Sandler is no stranger to adventure, to physical challenge, or to ever-so-slightly-feral horses.  She has managed a yard breeding and backing young horses and earned her stripes as 'crash test dummy', and brought several newly-backed horses through to Novice level eventing (for the non-horsey followers, "Novice" should be understood as "the jumps still come up to your neck").  She has hiked the wilds of Patagonia, trekked across glaciers, ice-climbed, dived in cold and temperate water.  Like many a hunting gal, she can improvise a wound sealant from spit and sawdust, and a 3-course dinner from a dried apricot and some safety pins retrieved from the footwell of her car.  She is an aerospace engineer by training, though on a career break for now while she prepares for the Derby.

I’m fascinated by the history of the horse. So much of mankind’s history is very closely linked to horses. Then I found out that I could experience a part of the world and a lifestyle I’ve never been to...on horseback...doing an adventure race...AND raising money for a nature charity. Sign me up!
— Rose