Anita Aradottir

Anita is our first-ever Icelandic competitor in the Mongol Derby.  She has been a professional trainer of Icelandic horses since she was 16, and has worked for famous American 'Horse Whisperer' Monty Roberts during his tours of the UK.  She is currently in a display team with her Icelandic horses called Knights of Iceland, and performs ridden stunts including riding through fire.  Her extensive experience with her native breed will be a good preparation for the diminutive size and great strength of the Mongolian horses.  When she is not dressed in sequins with sparklers attached to her horse's hooves, she is trying to contain her wanderlust and adventurous spirit.  

I dont want to do the easy things, they bore me, I dont want to the same everyone else is doing. I want to do unique things. And this race is very unique.