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 Blues & Royals

Blues & Royals


For the first time we have representatives from the household cavalry on the Mongol Derby. The household Cavalry is the two most senior regiments of the British Army who are Queen's official bodyguard. They are sending five riders on the 2014 Derby who are likely to ride as a team. They will be raising funds for the Household Cavalry Foundation.

Major Simon Lukas

Simon has travelled extensively; he's worked in a school in Ghana, trekked in the Rockies (on horse & on foot) and have overlanded from London to Beijing including touring part of Western Mongolia in the winter. Simon has commanded the Queens Birthday Parade for the Household Calvary and enjoys hunt races with varied amounts of success.

Matthew Pearce, Trooper

Matthew helped build a school library in Tanzania, dived in Mozambique, learnt to blow fire in South Africa, bungy jumped in Zambia and nearly got eaten by a hippo in Botswana. He once fell off his horse on a State Escort which earned him a picture in the Daily Mail.

Andrew Mobey, Trooper

Both of Andrew's parents were in the armed forces, leading him to travel extensively in his youth. He has represented the regiment in hunting for a season in Leicestershire.

James Griffiths, Trooper

James has completed two ceremonial seasons for the Household Cavalry in the Lifeguards regiment riding in many parades including Trooping the Colour and the State Opening of Parliament. He has worked as an extra in many Hollywood films including War Horse.

Luke Berry, Trooper

Luke is a keen sailor and a Level 3 climber. He has just competed in a show-jumping competition The Royal Tournament in Melton Mowbray. He has also spent a season in Leicestershire jumping hedges and hunting.