Some Shit about Soccer

At Adventurist Towers we don't give a shit about football. It's a bit too organised and most players are all fucking wimps. James at Cool Earth does care about football though, so we let him write about it.

We all love football, even if you’re absolutely positive you don’t, we know you’re just pretending. 

Not only is football a great way to kick people you don’t like without getting a court hearing, it’s also a perfect way for our communities to meet and save the rainforest together.

Football tournaments unite villages for the common goal of making a mockery of our embarrassingly average football skills. There may not be goalposts, strips, or even goal-line technology, but entire communities will turn up. And invariably conversation turns to, trees, school, biting and Cool Earth.

Thanks to our friends in Peru organising these kick-arounds, the Ashaninka Project has grown to working with 15 villages throughout the Ene Valley. And it’s about to grow again, putting more forest than ever beyond the chainsaw’s reach. 

Now wear your Suarez masks with pride and enjoy the rest of the World Cup, unless you’re English in which case just drink away your disappointment.