Musse Hasselvall

Musse is one of our most recent converts to the joys of horsemanship, having only been riding since 2009.  However he has a lifetime's experience in martial arts, including a successful stint as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter (MMA), and this has bestowed him with a strong and light body, cat-like reflexes, and incredible balance.  His riding reference was fellow Derbyist and person who ought to recognise a good rider when he sees one, Per Michanek, and he describes Musse as a genuinely talented rider.  Musse has an amateur jockey's license and has ridden in a couple of races, as well as learning to show-jump.  He is currently a freelance TV presenter and film director.

There’s one more thing that I got from martial arts. We call it ‘heart’. It means that you’ll fight until the end even though you’re losing. Even though you fight a better opponent.