Chris Berkers

Chris is a history of art student from Eindhoven, Netherlands.  When she is not writing a thesis on illustration at the turn of the 20th century, she's running.  Chris is, in fact, an ultramarathon devotee, and completed her first season in 2013 with a 62kn Ultra Trail in Portugal, where she was the sixth fastest woman to complete.  It seems unlikely that fitness will be an issue for her on the Mongol Derby.  

She also has considerable endurance riding experience under her belt, having competed successfully with her own horse up to 80kms, and this is something he hopes to return to after her studies.

You have to ride a route you don’t know, care for horses you are not familiar to, you come in touch with cultures which are different than yours and that all during a race of 1000km, all by yourself. It couldn’t sound harder, but also not more idealistic
— Chris