Barbara Smith

Barbara lives and works on a thoroughbred farm in Maryland, USA, breeding racehorses from her six broodmares, managing foaling and handling all the yearlings herself.  She has ridden her whole life, and has ridden and hunted in the US, France and Ireland, where the jumping is not for the faint of heart.  In her younger days she broke (started) 2 year-old thoroughbreds for the racetrack and is well-used to unpredictable horses, a big advantage in tackling the semi-wild horses in Mongolia.

She has written a book about her local hunt, for whom she is whipper-in.  

Why the Mongol Derby? Because it is there, it is remote, the world is beautiful and I prefer to be on horseback than anywhere else. It is the chance of a lifetime to do something hard and challenging, but in a sport that I am accomplished at and that I know about.
— Barbara