Mototaxi Junket - In Pictures

Peru is a pretty amazing country. Unfortunately too many people just head out there to trek up Machu Picchu, take some photos in the sacred valley, buy a bobble hat with ear flaps and piss off home, remarkably self satisfied. This is how you should do it.

1) Get a mototaxi

They're not very powerful, they're not very reliable, but they're the perfect vehicle for traversing the Andes and Amazon.

2) Get hugely lost

The best way to find mischief is to get proper, proper lost. You are also more likely to find cool places that aren't in the guide books.

3) Break down

There is no triumph without adversity. If everything goes exactly to plan, your plans were really shit. Only when it starts to go wrong will your stories become worth telling.

4) Get helped out by a stranger

It's nice to meet new people over a beer, but that will never compare with the feeling of being truly indebted to someones goodwill.

5) Experience the unrivaled freedom of being in a shit vehicle, in the middle of nowhere

The mototaxi might be shit but they can get to some incredibly remote places. The not inconsequential amount of effort in getting there makes that all the more awesome.

Photos by Jimmy of 2013 Junket team One for Every Mile. You can follow more of Jimmy's adventures over on his site