The Launch - April 14 Rickshaw Run

70 rowdy teams of adventurists descended upon a dusty parade ground by Fort Kochi yesterday to make the final preparations for the launch of the mighty Rickshaw Run.

With a few heads still fuzzy from overindulgence at the party, a few heads befuddled by the heat and still more in quiet terror at what was about to go down you would be forgiven for thinking thinks were subdued.

Fortunately things are never quiet on the Rickshaw Run, and the whiny chattering of tiny two-stroke engines was punctuated by the testing of horns, sirens, stereos and an electric guitar.

The Guitar was provided by Christopher from team "Genre Stereotypes" who plans to share his musical talents with India. A generous gesture we're sure you'll agree.

Before long Christopher wasn't the only one playing with his instrument as the band struck us a rousing number to cheer the Runners on their way.

With the last few accessories zip tied on, fluffy mascots in place and ridiculous outfits ready it was time; the cacophony of noise reached a crescendo and the  teams erupted from the parade ground like escapees from a lurid techno-colour theme park.

You can follow the teams on the tracking map here

Signup is open now for the August Rickshaw Run