Rickshaw Run Altitude Gauntlet Laid Down

Team Shillong Way Down just became the first Rickshaw Run team to flip the bird to old man gravity and sputter their tri-wheeled steel transport God up to 3700 metres. Frankly chaps, good effort but I can see a hill in the back ground so you should have gone higher. Wimps.

It seems they realised they were in danger of finishing the Run without getting lost; so they turned north Sikkim and those Himalaya things. It turns out the rickshaw is so shit even the Chief of Police had to come and push.

These are the photos of rickshaw up in some high stuff. Note that on none of them do they seem to be the highest thing in the picture. So people. Go forth and get higher. If you get to the Moon first, Mr Tom will be pissed. But anyone who can attach a rocket to a Rickshaw powerful enough to get it off the ground can have a free place on the Rickshaw Run for life*.

*rockets must be highly unstable and untested. Any attempt at a safety measure will render the rickshaw rocketeer ineligible for the prize. By "life" we mean the life of my sock which is a bit thin already.