Rickshaw Run Meet the Teams

The April Rickshaw Run launches in just three days. Now's a good time to meet one of the teams. Sherry and Charlie are two travel bloggers from New York.

Who are we?

We are Sherry and Charlie of team Drive Sleep Rupeet. Don’t let the name  Charlie fool you – we are two adventurous women who make a living out of traveling the world and apparently doing stupid shit and writing about it. Ok – we don’t always do stupid shit, half of the time we are actually doing really grown up stuff around the globe, but then Charlie puts the ‘Adventure’ word out there and entices me to get our of our predictable lives and live a little. We have a pretty glamorous resume of experiences like walking across Spain, driving across Mongolia, being in a bus hijacking in Africa, being leached, climbing mountains, jumping out of planes, eating disgusting food, drinking moonshine, and between
the two of us we have been to over 120 countries. We hail from New York City, but are nomadic travel writers and photographers in search of a good coconut ball. We are not lesbians – however if that’s your fantasy fine…believe what you want. We bleed social media – it pulses through our veins and we shit hashtags.

You can find us all over the interwebs at @Ottsworld & @CharlieGrosso

What’s the Rickshaw Run?

The Adventurists are asking US what the Rickshaw Run is…um…if you don’t know how the hell do you think we know? We just heard there was going to be mayhem, 3 wheels, lots of men, and coconut balls, so we signed up. Plus – as a side note we thought it sounded like a good weight loss program to travel through India with Delhi belly in nail biting traffic.

According to the legal papers we had to sign to be in the Rickshaw Run it is apparently a way to die. We drive 2000 miles through India in an inappropriate vehicle and hope for the best. After arriving here and seeing the traffic – I have to say, the legal papers are pretty accurate.

Why are we doing it?

Lots of stupid reasons and one really important reason.


Regular travel just doesn’t do it for us any longer.

It’s a great story – everyone knows that people don’t want to read stories where everything goes right, you all like mayhem – so in a way it’s your fault.

We like chai….and coconut balls.

If we can make it here we can make it anywhere.

Rickshaw skills will be in demand when Putin and Obama start up the cold war again.

The Really Important Reason:

The biggest challenge of all for us isn’t the driving, the breakdowns, or the conditions. It’s the fact that we have set a goal of raising $15,000 for charity. We have raised money for both Cool Earth and charity: water (a New York based charity who also works in India). We are lucky enough to travel around the world for our careers, so we felt it was important to give something back to the big blue marble that has provided us so much joy.

What are we most looking forward to?

Perfecting our head bobble. Sweating. Laughing, Meeting locals. Coconut balls. Using our horn. Getting tons of great photographs. Learning to appreciate cricket. Making new friends.

What are our mechanical skills?

If mechanical skills were a prerequisite then someone really screwed up by letting us into this thing. Charlie says she knows how the Rickshaw works in theory. Sherry is a believer in duct tape. I’m pretty sure we won’t be doing our own repairs. After all, breakdowns are our strategy for meeting locals and getting some much needed coconut balls.

How much planning have we done?

We have a map… a map of India to boot! Based on our experiences in the Mongol Rally, planning is futile. We have a bevy of electronic devices that will hopefully work and provide us our GPS location helping us get from point A to point B every day (except we are not sure where those point B are still TBD). But that’s as far as the planning has progressed.

Sherry ready for anything

Are you trying to finish as quickly as possible or take in sights along the way?

Neither? The goal is to finish and catch our flights out of India – but we have built a fair amount of leeway into the schedule for extra coconut ball stops, maybe a few sights, and lots of breakdowns.


Number of breakdowns – Mechanical – 14, Mental - 28

Number of times getting lost – lost is a state of mind. And remember – we are chicks – we don’t mind asking for directions.

Who will be the first to succumb to Delhi Belly – check and check – already took care of that messy business the first 2 weeks in India. Our bellies are thriving in Indian bacteria now ready to wage war on whatever comes it’s way. And if not – we have a large supply of drugs.

Charlie is to adventure what biscuits are to teapots

Who’s the better driver?

Charlie has nerves of steel and Sherry drives like a grandma – not sure what will be better in this situation. All we know is that the best driver will have a lifetime supply of coconut balls.

Here are all the places where one can track us: