Rickshaw Run - There's a Party Brewing...

The End Is Near Enough.

For many the Run is over. For others the finish line is in sight. There are a few that are MIA. And judging from the updates there is a sadness it has ended and a gladness it is over.

Mr Matt has not only been tucking in the stools on the finish line; but has also tasted every single beer to make sure they're exactly the right temperature. Not just that though he's even had time to help us in the office interviewing teams. 

Here are the highlights:

I am lost for words.., that was simply... I don’t know
An assault on the senses and thank fuck it’s finished
Hardest thing I’ve done by far
Everything I’ve ever expected and more more more more
— Tuk me some eggs
I think I’m going to need a new back after that
— Frank - Gale Force Racoons

It sounds like there's going to be a giant-killer of a party tomorrow.