Rickshaw Run - Day 10

The teams have been on the road for ten glorious days. They're all a bit dirtier, hairier and have some great stories with which to furnish their old age.

Most of them are balls deep in North East India; a beautiful part of the world resplendent with lush jungle and a pleasing amount of mountain for good measure. Being a bit off the tourist tracks and trade routes this part of India is a bit wilder and has some spectacularly bad roads.

10 days on the road and the rickshaws will be more than a little broken. A perfect time for the roads to go to shit then.


Broken rickshaw. Two team-mates curled up in balls on the floor throwing their guts up... I’m going to find a beer.
— Wind Gurus
My balls are sore after hitting those roads with more holes than a Bangkok whorehouse
— Miriam's Chariot
Be warned the road after Farakka is Fuckaka. Worst combo of potholes and suicide trucks yet
Aweful roads, but they don’t get much better 100kms in about 6 hours
— Tuk me some eggs 1
After today I need a stiff drink and a massage. Those roads are total shit
— Drive, Sleep, Rupeet

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