Come Write For Us

We're opening the jibber up to guest writers. If you eat dictionaries and shit rhetoric we want your unique perspective on reality.

We want your tales of adventuring and world class silliness

We want an army of keyboard assassins to inspire the world with tales of adventurism and mischief; to persuade bookish insurance underwriters to eat fugu and play Russian Roulette.

If you want us to point your brain-dumps at our 35,000 strong Adventuristas; throw some of your writing wisdom into the boxes below. We basically want an idea of what you want to write about and an example of your writing.

I look forward to hearing what you've got to say.

Mr Joolz
The Editor


  •  We’re looking for stories or incidents, rather than a blow-by-blow account of your entire trip - save that for your mum.
  •  We want the bad bits, people want to hear the ‘when it went to shit’ stories more than the sunshine and butterflies bits.
  • We really really want pictures to go with the stories - if it’s an amazing tale we might be able to go without, but usually we want some photos to help visualise the tale.
  • If you’ve got a really good story but aren’t up for writing it up, we can get someone to call you for an interview.
  • Brevity is wit - We’re looking for 600-800 words but will happily take less. If it is a tale that will make us spew coffee across the room we might take more; but we’re more likely to cut it down.
  • If you want to do something a bit more involved like a video or an infographic give us a shout with a proposal.
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1) Stories or content linked to the sillier side of adventure; not necessarily our adventures but adventure of some description, this can be the time you tried to climb K2 on a chopper bike or when you drove a herd of cattle through your local Tesco.

2) General stories sticking up two fingers to health and safety. Photos of extremely negligent attitudes to safety equipment and procedures or tales of adventuring without a ‘safety rope’.

3) Opinions or commentary on current affairs in the world of adventure. Your opinion of the exploits of Bear Grylls or Kilimajaro trekking holidays.

4) Lists - a “Top 5...” or a “ numbers” something original or stupid and vaguely on theme.

5) “How to” guides - Either genuine advice or an explanation how to do a normal activity in unusual surroundings.

6) Photo stories - a set of pictures which tell a story. The more unexpected and self explanatory the better.