The Top Ten - The Cool Earth Leaderboard

We have news. Momentous news. We have the FINAL TOP 10 ELITE

These Adventurist teams (and one impressive Derbyist) have raised the most out of every soul (if you lot have any?) that took part in the 2013 Mongol Rally, 2013 Mongol Derby, September Rickshaw Run, Mototaxi Junket, Ice Run, January Rickshaw Run AND this year’ April Rickshaw Run.

THE FINAL 10 ARE (drum roll please)

Team Afterburners

You're driving where?!....

Team Innocents Abroad

The B-Team

Team OompaLoompa

Eat, Pray, Drive

Rogan Josh & The Hot Chickpeas

Hannah Bronwin

A Rick Called Astley

Keep Karma and Curry On

Nine of you rainforest saving gods have won free entry to another Adventure. One of you has won an all expenses paid trip to the rainforest with Cool Earth and The Adventurists. So pop the champagne, set off the fireworks and give yourselves a good old pat on the back.

The sum total from your fundraising shenanigans is a staggering, tear-jerking, goosebump giving amount of £24,655.91 That’s 98,623 rainforest trees.

We thank you from the bottom of our pious hearts.

Thursday afternoon we’ll be announcing the winner in a beautifully curated prize draw – think Mexico. Until then - hasta luego.