Fundraising tips from those who know best

Cool Earth’s Essential Guide To Throwing a mind-numbingly excellent Fundraiser

So you’ve signed up to the adventure of a lifetime and set a dauntingly ambitious fundraising target. Those coppers from your nans purse will only stretch so far. Don't worry though we have the answer, and that answer is hosting an epic fundraising event. Listed below are the nuts and bolts you’ll need to throw a most splendid money raising bonanza.

1. Think of an event that's just downright awesome - disco dance off, sandcastle competition, donor tattoos, sponsored organ donation, donating sperm…ok I’ll stop there. And if you have absolutely no imagination, do a cake sale. Don’t forget though to cater to the interests of your helpers/friends/family/pets and they will get behind your idea with gusto, zest and enthusiasm. Once your idea is nailed – get an venue sorted out early.

2. Find a group of folks willing to lend you a helping hand and who are just as excited about your cause (that’s Cool Earth) as you are, if that’s physically possible.

3. Advertise everywhere. If no one knows about your event, no one can attend. Even if you have no budget, you can still get loads of free advertising. Put up posters, email everyone you know or have ever met, do a flash mob, post the event on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo and any others you can think of/hack into.

4. Keep in mind the overall goal (to raise funds for your cause and give everyone a good night/day out). Try getting local businesses to sponsor your event in return for free advertising – donate booze/provide prizes etc. If your boss isn’t a total arsehole see if you’ll work will match your total sponsorship. Offer him the chance to plaster the company logo all over your Adventuring wagon in return.

5. Thank everyone once the event is over. Handwritten thank you notes are great, even better are carrier pigeons and messages in bottles. If your fundraiser was somehow an absolute dud (which we’re sure it won’t be), thank everyone anyway just for good old politeness’ sake.

Now you have all this great fundraising knowledge, it’s time to put it to use and create yourself a most memorable fundraising event. If you’re in need of some shiny resources then we have you covered right here.

Don’t forget Cool Earth is at hand to take all the queries and questions you can throw at us –

Now get raising some money you handsome lot.

James and the Cool Earth Team