Rickshaw Run Tattoos

Michael from Team Oompah Loompah,

Last year we had our first Rickshaw Run tattoo. Michael from the September Run had this little polka dot number along with Sanskrit text reading "Oompah Loompah, Rickhsaw Run".

On January Run we then had a whole team of runners choose to record their time in India in such a permanent way.

Team Rogan Josh and the Hot Chickpeas had such a riotous time they decided the only souvenir worthy was a cheeky arse tatt.

Team Rogan Josh and the Hot Chickpeas

 Team Rogan Josh on the January Run

Team Rogan Josh on the January Run

Small tattoos are always great, but the Rickshaw Run is a big old adventure and is surely deserving of a big old tattoo. A bit like this one.

This is the previously unremarkable back of Mr Nick Richards of September '13 team Mad Dogs. Nick has taken the Rickshaw Run logo and added a bit of colour to it in such a way the Indians would certainly approve.

Nick Richards of  team Mad Dogs

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If you want to do something with your time that is so memorable you'll need to commemorate it with a mighty big tribute, there are still spaces on the August Run. You can sign up here.