Rickshaw Run: A small collision with a big bus

Rickshaws are small and flimsy. Busses are big, solid and heavy. If the two meet with force there will only be one winner. If you don't believe us, ask our chum Chris Plough.

Chris kindly took one of our shiniest new Rickshaws and threw it at a bus to see what would happen in the event of a collision. This is his account of what happened.

"Well - the day started off well. It was the our second day in India and the five of us had this rickshaw thing down. Alec, Jeff and Vanessa are in one rickshaw; I and Lucy, are in mine. I love how nimble these rickshaws are! We start off fast and zipping through traffic.

Then I hear - is that gangsta rap? I look back and Linda has her Macbook out; pumping jams. That doesn't seem like such a good idea. We're weaving around and there's nothing to keep it from sliding off her lap and into the street. I was just about to mention it to her when I something big and white caught my eye. I turn around and see the bus in front of us at a dead stop. (Yeah, they tend to do that - frequently.)

Instinctively, I swerve to the right. Bad choice, since a truck is coming dead on. So I swerve back left and split the difference. We slam right into the back of the bus. The front left of the rickshaw crumples like a tin can and something hits me in the head. I ask Linda if she's okay - yeah, she's fine.

Then I see that our rickshaw is now tangled up with the bus and if they leave, we're going to get dragged around. I jump out and start yanking. A few passengers got off the bus and help rip them apart and push us to the to the side of the road.

A crowd starts to form and I'm pretty sure that we're screwed. I have no idea how law enforcement works here, but I'm sure that we're at a disadvantage - especially because it was my fault.

A few people ask if I'm all right - yeah, fine, just a scratch. Then the bus driver comes up and I'm preparing for the worst. He asks me if they can leave. I'm full of adrenaline and clearly confused by this. He says that they have a schedule to keep and lots of people to carry - can they leave? I'm relieved - "Yeah, sure - go man."

After my hands stop shaking, I pull out the tools and start bending everything back into place. Duct tape and wire ties can fix just about anything.

We continued on - though Linda was quite spooked. After another round of night driving, she decided that this wasn't for her. The next morning we got her a taxi and she headed off to the local airport. That was the last I heard from Linda - guess I didn't make a great first impression."

You can catch up with Chris again when he does the Mototaxi Junket in October.

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