Curtain falls on the toughest Ice Run ever

Today the last riders finally completed the 2014 Ice Run. This has undoubtedly been the toughest Ice Run ever & the teams have earned themselves a beer like never before.

The sun sets on another Ice Run

Karan's trusty steed aside the Arctic Circle monument

The last team to finish were Louise & Irene of team Wild Wolf who rolled across the finish line in the small hours of the morning. With three teams retiring on the road and another dropping out just before the launch; the attrition rate shows how tough this run was.

`The 2014 Ice Run has been tough because it has been so cold. Cold in the Siberian Arctic is a whole different level of cold and it's not just the riders that have suffered. All the plastic & metal bits of the bikes have taken a ruddy pounding and the carburetors have struggled to cope with the icy air & dirty fuel.

The teams that have finished have done so with a Churchillian level of tenacity which should be applauded. The 2014 Ice Run will long be the bench mark that other tough adventures will be measured.

You can sign up for the 2015 Ice Run here. Isn't it about time people looked up to you as a hero?