The sublime to the ridiculous - Ice Run 2014

Things go wrong in adventure. Folks often call it character building. It's certainly what makes the good bits more triumphant.

Seasoned adventurers learn to take the tough times on the chin. The sooner they are passed the quicker the high times will be back. To illustrate the point lets view some more dispatches from the Ice.

This video is from perpetually cheery antipodeans Dylan & Dalbs from Up to Snow Good. This is what it's all about, clear skies, roaring bike. good times.

This is Nick from Angry Bird & Grumpy Owl. He's looking a bit more grumpy than normal in the pictures below because he tried to give himself an extra knee. That didn't work, so now he has to spend some time in hospital lamenting the fact that motorcycle brakes don't really work on the ice.

We can report Nick is a lot more chipper now and gladly consented to us sharing his pictures.