Enter the Zimnick - Ice Run Day 10

Day 10 on the Ice Run and most of the teams are riding along the frozen Ob River. Spirits are still high despite the plunging temperatures. We've also had a second retirement as Kabir has finally succumbed to the solitude, cold & mechanical hardship.

These are the highlights:

The Good

Kudos to Chris (Team Oznog), Sam & Mo (Ice Ice Baby), who camped out last night with a ground temperature of -42C. This is the coldest night of camping we've had on the Ice Run, that takes serious kahunas. Hats off chaps. Actually best leave them on...

Chris Plough, Sam & Mo camping at minus 42. Ouch

The Bad

Team Angry Bird & Grumpy Owl's bike has been protesting about the strain put upon it. The chaps have been stuck in a garage most of the day fixing a dodgy carb & cylinder head gasket.

Chris copes with the boredom by sharing a beer with the locals; which is his way of telling Nick it's his turn to drive today. His new friend show's his appreciation by breaking out his best fish.

The Ugly (sorry Karan)

Poor Karan has a touch of frost-nip on his most fronterly appendage. No. Not that. We mean his nose silly. We told you it was cold.

In Other News

In other news we've had the first confirmed sighting of Irene & Louise from Wild Wolf. Reports are they are doing well & enjoying the ride

 Somewhere under that hunting suit is Louise (we think). Definitely smiling though

Somewhere under that hunting suit is Louise (we think). Definitely smiling though

We've also heard from Boris & Natasha who have had a trouble free run. Until now. Sam from Ice Ice Baby seems to have infected Boris with some sort of super-virus. Boris is now somewhat bedridden. Their bike seems to be under the weather too with transmission troubles.

Boris has proven a hit with the locals and other teams alike. His Russian allowing him to be translator to the locals and his sage-like wisdom makes him a father figure to some of the more reckless riders.

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