Up to Snow Good - Boys Done Good

Stalactites on eyelashes are a common Ice Run ailment

Dylan & Dalbs have had an eventful couple of days on the Ice Run. Being good old Australian lads they weren't going to let a spot of adversity hamper their adventure though. This is a lesson in how to become a Legend of Adventure.

A wiring failure led to a fuel line catching fire; which very nearly turned the boys & bike into a fireball. Fortunately they evacuated and the fire was extinguished. Being made of sterner stuff they dusted off the soot & ash and hailed a truck to give them a lift to the next town. They also stopped at Mezhdurichenskiy to pick up the bike of retired American team "Rocking Chair Motorcycle Club".

Nothing going to dampen the spirits of these two fine gents

On reaching Uray they pulled the bikes from the truck to begin repair on their not-so-trusty steed. Working through the night they weren't satisfied to bring their own Ural back to life but also the retired bike of Russ & Fredda.

Judging by the video below it's performing better than ever before.

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