Rainforest Romeo & Juliet


So Valentine’s is a god awful commercial event that anyone with an ounce of sanity should ignore in its entirety. But here at Cool Earth we have a rather epic love tale to reignite the hope in your ice-cold heart.

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Picture this - illegal logger meets chief’s daughter. (I know, it’s literally screaming to be made into a film.)

At 21 years-old Huber arrived in Peru’s Ené Valley. He came to work for an illegal logger that was clearing the region’s mahogany.

Huber’s job was to float cut trees to the nearest port – 25 miles down river.  Hard, dangerous work for a boss that cheated him and the communities where they were working.

Then everything changed.

Huber fell in love.

He fell in love with the chief’s daughter.

“I fell in love with the woman who is now my wife here and that’s why I stopped working with the loggers, because of my wife, Mikaela.”

Huber quit logging and married Mikaela.

Shortly after, Peru’s National Institute of Natural Resources (INRENA) seized 20,000 cubic feet of mahogany that the loggers were trying to smuggle out. Much like how poached ivory is destroyed, this precious hardwood was left to rot as a message to the loggers.

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As for Huber? He now lives with Mikaela and their three children in the forest – Maycol, Maxis and Yeimi. He’s become one of the central figures of Cool Earth’s Ashaninka Project, which has not lost a single tree to loggers since it started in 2008.

“The forest is nice now that there is no logging here. Forest is not sold here. Cool Earth is really helping the community so we can conserve the forest.”

So there you have it. How love can literally save the rainforest.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Adventurists.  Or your evening spent alone on Tinder.

Cool Earth Project Manager 

This is Huber's story in his own words