Be a (small) Part of the World's Longest Bike Race

March 1st see the launch of the World Cycle Race.

Five brave fools are set to take on the world in the mother of all endurance events. And we want you to join in.

To warm things up there will be a launch ceremony at Marble Arch, after which a peloton of Adventurists & London cyclists will escort the riders to the start line at Greenwich Park.

The Peleton will be led by penny-farthing circumnavigator Joff Summerfield and will meander down to Greenwich like a Lycra clad congo.

Once we reach the Meridan of Greenwich we will wave the riders off around the world; while we retire to the pub to congratulate ourselves on ten miles of mild exertion. 

09:30am  - Launch ceremony begins -  Marble Arch
10:00am - Peloton sets off from Marble Arch
11:15am - Peloton arrives Greenwich Park
12:00 noon  - Riders depart Greenwich Park

To see who is joining the peloton check the Facebook Event page.

If you want to find out more about the World Cycle Race head on over to the website.

Otherwise you can sign up using the form below.