Tales from the Ice

The brave folk of the 2014 Ice Run are careering across the Ice like a greased up fat man down a bowling alley; to borrow a phrase from Mr Olly Rowland.

Most of them have opted to go North-East at Tavda along 'the tough route' leaving lone wolf Kabir to take the longer 'almost as tough route'.

These are the updates we've found so far.

Dylan & Dalbs - Riding off into the sunset

Day two - separating the men from the boys. Not sure yet which I am.
— Chris Plough - Oznog Racing
Ok, first day done! No major issues apart from both falling asleep whilst on the bike, only once at the same time though
— Angry Bird & Grumpy Owl

Team Up to Snow Good enjoying the ice

First morning waking up on the rally. Heading to a local mechanic to fix some dodgy electrics on the bike.
— Up To Snow Good
Day one: We took the harder eastern route (was there really a choice?) These are the roads so far - pretty fast going and a good ease into the trip. Temperatures are a balmy -12C and the Ural rode like a dream (be it a battered, 30 year old dream). Living it up in a roadside motel with odd wire-hammock beds. Looking forward to the tougher stuff ahead — though I may regret saying so
— Chris Plough - Oznog Racing

Angry Bird & Grumpy owl taking advantage of a rare bit of tarmac

You can track the progress of the Runners on the Live Tracking Map

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