Lady Champions

Girls are excellent at adventure, they are better at lateral thinking and have a higher pain threshold than men. Working at The Aventurists I've been lucky enough to meet loads of ladies not content to just spectate but to participate. There have been a few on top of that for whom just participating wasn't enough.

I interviewed Sam Jones after she won the 2014 Mongol Derby, the World's toughest horse race, which for the second year the leader-board has been dominated by the girls. The chaps who finished half a day behind her looked like they had been dragged the last 40 kilometres behind their steeds, Sam on the other hand was ready to ride another 1,000.

I feel I could do another 1000... Give me another horse and I’ll go
— Sam Jones

I was on the Derby finish line in 2013 when Lara Prior-Palmer stormed to victory in just seven days. She and American Devan Horn had a hard fought battle for the crown leaving the boys (literally) days behind. She too bemoaned the brevity of the race saying she'd rather if it were the length of Mongolia (about 2400km).

Try not to take it too seriously, the event is a phenomenal and brilliant but slightly ridiculous one
— Lara Prior-Palmer

Last year I also got to interview Juliana Buhring, Ladies champion of the 2012 World Cycle Race, only female rider in the 2013 Transcontinental race and 1st female in the 2014 Tour Divide (where she came 4th overall). If you look up hardcore in the dictionary there is a picture of Juliana wrestling a bear. Cycling around the world in 152 days is something few people would dream of.

A very large part of the challenge of cycling the world is psychological. I’d say the three most important attributes you can have are self discipline, tenacity and a sense of humour. If you’re not mentally tough, forget it
— Juliana Buhring

Hopefully this is just the tip of the ice-cube, as more ladies become inspired to take on the chaps because quite frankly I'm bored of all the dick slapping and testosterone of modern adventurers. Move over Ben Fogle and Kenton Cool, the girls are coming.