94 Teams 'Sort of' Ready For a Massive Rickshaw Run

Educating Explorers, mixing fuel and oil

240 Adventurists from across the globe are soon to become more familiar with their rickshaws than any of them will have wanted. 11 o'clock New Years Day the January Rickshaw Run will launch. 94 rickshaws have spent the last two days spluttering around the Cochin Club in preparation.

Rickshaw Run test driving is a bit like buying a used car. 

The wise will fastidiously check the oil before ensuring they have the right spares and know how to fix the bits that will go wrong (all of it). Only when they're happy will they retire to a drinking establishment to pore over some maps with some light refreshment.

 Looking good Namaste & G'day

Looking good Namaste & G'day

The stylish will forgo the mechanics and will check the vehicle looks its best and will spend the rest of their time checking out their own outfits.

The clueless will stand around, kicking tyres and wobbling the suspension. Occasionally stopping to buff out a minuscule scuff, before shrugging and departing for a nearby boozer.

It's all worthless though. They'll all get the shits and get lost 200 km down the road. but some of them will just look more stylish in doing it. Besides. They've got 2000 km to work out how to fix the things.


You can follow the January Rickshaw Run on the Live Tracking Page. Adventurist Twitter, or right here on the blog.

If you've not got enough adventure in your 2015 you've got until January 6th to save £100 on the April and August Rickshaw Runs.