Return of the Yak - Video

Whoever you are you need to watch this video.

If you've done the Mongol Rally it rouses nostalgia more than the smell of stale sweat and spilled benzine.

If you're booked on the Rally it gives you a taste of what's to come.

If you are thinking of doing the Rally it should motivate like a defibrillator would motivate a wounded heart.

If the Rally is really, really not your bag you should watch it anyway. You might discover you've been missing something.

This is Oli from ROTY to introduce the video:

Hello chaps and chapesses! We are team Return of the Yak and boy do we have a mad film to show you!

We took part in the Mongol Rally in 2011 taking the southern route, venturing through Iraq, Iran and Central Asia before heading into the wilds of Mongolia. 

In preparation for our adventure we built a yak shaped roof box to fit on top of our car which had a megaphone for a mouth and devilish LED eyes! 

On route we filmed all the highs and lows of the trip. We met a whole bunch of fucking awesome teams, travelling through some absolutely stunning parts of the world but also faced tough times when our team mate lost his passport in Iran and a close friend fell into a coma in Kazakhstan!

Over the last three years we’ve been honing our documentary to fully represent the wild and free nature of the rally. Full of excitement, quirky stop motion and breath-taking time-lapse photography - we really hope you enjoy our creation and would love it if you could share it with others who have the travelling bug.

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There are still places on the 2015 Mongol Rally. If you sign up by January 6th you can save £50.