Mongol Rally for £67

 Phil at the launch

Phil at the launch

It is possible to do the Mongol Rally for under £2000; or if you want to sacrifice one of your kidneys it can be much less. That is exactly what Phil Chapman did in 2014.

While riding through Kazakhstan he came off his bike, damaging his hand and left kidney. Thanks to his insurance any pain in the renal department was balanced out by relief to the wallet. Every turd will fertilise your flowers, right?

The experience certainly did little to dampen Mr Chapman's enthusiasm, as he's coming back for more in 2015. Bravo sir.

Expense Cost Notes
Entry fee £325 (motorcycle early-bird discount)
Travel Insurance Free (with Natwest Advantage account)
Channel Tunnel £38
Fuel £288 8000 miles @ 100mpg x average price/l = 80p
Visas £142 Turkey/Russia (Mongolia and Kazakhstan were free)
Accomodation £236 13 nights, hotel, hostel & camping
Expedition food £72 Sponsored by Expedition foods
Restaurants £145
Booze £25 Beer & vodka are cheaper than water in Eastern Europe
Return flight Free (additional cost of one ruptured kidney)
Total £1247
Claim for UK hospital -£200 (private medical cover through work)
Claim through travel insurance -£980 (New helmet, hotel, luggage, damage, taxi, flight)
Net total £67
 Cheaper (and tastier) than water

Cheaper (and tastier) than water

Phil also got a tasty discount on a Sinnis Apache from Anthony at Sinnis Brighton. Anthony rode the 2011 Rally on a similar bike and has been giving discounts to ralliers ever since.

Being on a motorcycle you can be forgiven for wanting to stay in hotels and hostels a bit more. This is a breakdown of where Phil stayed and how much it cost him.

Hotels rooms solo:

£24 France

£20 Turkey

£28 Astrakhan

£32 Germany

£14 Kazakhstan

£14 Kazakhstan

£14 Kazakhstan

 It might look like a colostomy bag but it's food

It might look like a colostomy bag but it's food

£26 Russia


Hotels rooms shared:

£11 Turkey

£14 Romania

£12 Bratislavia



£12 Tiblisi Georgia



Camping at Beach Party £15 Sandelandela

2014-07-20 08.05.25.jpg

Camping in Fields Free Turkey

Camping in Derelict school Free Turkey

Camping by roadside Free Georgia

Camping by Danube Free

Camping in Kazakhstan Free

Camping in Russia Free

Camping by roadside Free


For more ideas how to save money on the Mongol Rally check out our Sponsorship guide. With some perseverance and a bit of luck you might be able to do the money for even less than Phil, you might even be able to avoid the lengthy hospital visit.

There are still places on the 2015 Mongol Rally. You can save £50 if you sign up by January 6th.