360 degrees to Mongolia

The Mongol Rally isn't just about romance you know. We have 19-year-old lads visiting strippers, Twenty-somethings drinking 'til they vomit through their noses and middle aged folks making penis jokes too. Okay so we had a wedding on the Rally finish line this year, and in 2012 we had a Rally wedding, engagement & honeymoon but it's not all about the slushy stuff.

Which is why we're annoyed to see this video by charming Canuks, Spruce Moose. They did the Mongol Rally for their honeymoon - as you do - and they made this video as a memento. The matrimonial bliss is somewhat sickening, and the only distraction from slushy sentiment is the question why they took two mates on their honeymoon? We can only surmise it was to hold the camera and mic boom.

Kinky devils.

The 2015 Rally is open for sign up now. Why not come along to find love, or better still the sort of adventure that makes you shit yourself?