Memento Mori - The Mototaxi Junket

 Time to put the old girl to sleep

Time to put the old girl to sleep

We’ve pulled the plug on the Mototaxi Junket. Like with the old sickly relative you’ve grown tired of nursing, we’ve turned off the life support machine for the Junket.

If you're not familiar with our Peruvian adventure and how the world is a much safer and dull world without it, you should check out the one-minute videos below from Spring 2011 Junketeers 'Peru Are Yer?' and 'Cardiff Cavaliers'

The Junket was sadly a creature of a different time and perhaps one too spicy for most armchair adventurers.

Did you do the Junket? We’re in the process of writing up the obituary and need your help. We’re looking for stories, pictures and videos from the junket by those who knew it first hand. Like with your vegetative old aunt, we’re not looking for ‘warts-and-all’ we want the highlights. Send us your memorials to