The Greatest Cyclist in The World?

Breifne Earley has just won the World Cycle Race. After 491 days on the road he rolled into Greenwich Park yesterday crossing the meridian and the finish line of the longest bicycle race on the planet.

Last March Breifne took to the start line with four other riders staring down the horizon and the 18,000 mile road home.

He watched as the other competitors fell away. First was Jason,  who didn't even make the start line;  then  Fran who retired within two weeks, due to injury caused by a broken bike,  then Prasad who was forced to drop out due to visa issues;  and lastly bookies favourite Lee who found himself disqualified in India.

Breifne eventuality finished 397 days after Lee completed his circumnavigation.

There are very few fairy stories in sport or endurance adventure, but cycling needs a new hero and Briefne's tortoise beating Lee's hare might just be that hero.

At Adventurists HQ we applaud the tardy adventurer. Winning a race is a fine way to earn kudos and silence your doubters, but it's far more important to enjoy the bits between the start & finish line. Especially when they're 18,000km apart.