Mongol Rally 2012 - UK Launch at the Festival of Slow

300 teams launch into 10,000 miles of glorious adventuring mayhem


The launch of the mighty Mongol Rally from Goodwood Motor Circuit - Saturday 14th July 2012. Mothers wept, naked arses were slapped. Tea was drunk, a man and woman dressed as lobsters discussed their route across 1/3 of the planet. Meet the teams launching from the UK with a lap round the famous circuit and admire just how clueless they all are.

The Mongol Rally = motoring stupidity on a global scale. 

Mongol Rally 2013 Sign Up

Sign up for the 2013 Mongol Rally opens at 2pm (UK time) on Monday 23rd July. Head over to the website to find out more and add your details here to receive a reminder.